Combining Gaia catalogue with the power of voluneer computing

Why use it?

Gaia catalogue

Enjoy quick access to the whole Gaia catalogue.

Your code

Write your own custom code in your favorite language operating on data from Gaia mission.

Volunteer's computers

Use the power of BOINC platform and volunteer's computing to do computatinal heavy lifting!

GAVIP platform

The data-products of Gaia are expected to surpass PetaByte in size, making it difficult for the scientific community to engage and analyse the data.

The Gaia Added Value Interface Platform (GAVIP) is designed to address this issue by providing an innovative platform for scientists to re-use and deploy, close to the data, their own existing code, packaged as "Added Value Interfaces" (AVIs).

This gives the users the ability to run code which could read data from the entire Gaia archive efficiently – the size of a scientific problem can be much bigger. There is no need to download the entire Gaia catalogue locally in order to perform data analysis. Instead, one can build AVI container which contains all needed software packed into one container and run the analysis close to the Gaia archive.

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GAVIP Grid Computing

The GAVIP Grid Computing (GAVIP-GC) project is designed to give scientists another layer of freedom. The project makes possible to perform computations which demand a lot of CPU time – reducing the computational workload on GAVIP platform and opening up opportunities for heavy processing operations on volunteers computers.

GAVIP-GC allows to create a huge number of small jobs (Gaia data + code), send them to the BOINC platform and collect the results for further analysis.

GAVIP platform provides some free resources for every user which can be spend on data analysis. However, there are some use cases which not only need to read entire Gaia catalogue but also they require a lot of CPU time for computations – GAVIP-GC intends to help to fulfil this requirement by providing access to these additional free BOINC resources.

BOINC platform

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BOINC lets you help cutting-edge science research using your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Android device. BOINC downloads scientific computing jobs to your computer and runs them invisibly in the background. It's easy and safe.

About 30 science projects use BOINC; examples include Einstein@Home, IBM World Community Grid, and SETI@home. These projects investigate diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.

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